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  Thursday |  There is a moment.  In which the festive season is in full swing from 12:15 pm to 1:03 pm, on the one hand there is the auspicious moment of Shravan Mass.

 However, the epidemic Corona has ended there is now a ban on public Ganeshotsav during the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi on Saturday and Ganeshji will come home.  Various for installation of Ganesha on Saturday morning from.  Only two feet high can be installed including idol seat. Installation of idol of Ganapati in public, ban on use of loudspeakerDJ for ritual. 

  According to astrologers, in addition to August 8, Ganesha's P.O.P.  When Ganesh Chaturthi is on Saturday, to sell fiber idols in Ganpatpura temple in the morning, auspicious time of Ganeshji can be seen from 4: 5 to 6:41, after noon on the day of installation of idols, from 12:15 to 1:05 pm  Chal, not sold by famous sculptors in Dholka taluka in the evening - nectar of creation 4: 6 to 7:30, from 4:05 in the evening In the meanwhile from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening] to be placed in an unoccupied condition, the idols broken during Ganapatpura (in camels) Ganesh Chatuthi have the benefit of 8: 4 at night while from 8: 4 at night ||  Devotees will be able to watch. 

 VisitorsThere are auspicious moments in the creation easily dissolved in water till 11:15.  However, this time a public arrangement has been made following the corona of toxic chemical dyes that cannot be seen with social distance.  On the other hand |  Use is also prohibited.  This Ganeshotsav is not planned to dismantle the idol of Ganesha during the ancient Ganesha festival in Bhadra, Ahmedabad .This time the doors of the temple will be closed for the visitors at home. 

 Ganesha has to be installed in the lake - Owara - Nala - canal.  Bhadra has also been banned since the Ahmedabad lockdown was declared.  The gates of Ganesh temple are closed for visitors even after it is issued by the police commissioner.  Artificial ovaries or idol acceptance centers have been set up this time around, according to the announcement. 

 Will not be activated.  Ahmedabad Police to construct and sell loudspeaker KDJ for more than 3 heights as per the instructions issued by the Commissioner for two feet religious ceremonies including Ganeshji's idol seat.  The installation of clay statues of any height in public is prohibited in the house.  Installation of Ganesha idol should be done only for religious-social or cultural program and dismantling of idol should be made mandatory for public pavilions, pandals or other temporary processions or dismantling yatras as well as taken.

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